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Trailblazers In Cannabis: Meet Whiteseed Bioceuticals Founder Kelly Sheffer

Whiteseed Bioceuticals is a women-owned, small batch, CBD oil supplement company located in Virginia Beach, VA. The company was founded with the mission of educating and providing people with high quality, all-natural CBD oil products and supplements. When I was personally searching for a product for myself for anxiety and pain, I was completely overwhelmed with what I found on the internet. I talked to many people that said the same thing, they wanted to try something, but didn’t know where to start. I have owned/co-owed several medical companies over the years, and I felt like the best way to provide myself with a high-quality product I could trust, was to create my own brand.  People want to buy from people they can trust and relate to, my goal is to connect with people on a personal level, plant the seed and let it grow from there.